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The Import of Players (Oh England my England!) by Stuart Roy Clarke

To an extent, the import of ‘foreign players’ is there throughout the English game, not just the Premier League. The historic Northern League, 2nd oldest in the World, fiercely proud and well-run, features 45 clubs from the region …but few players can walk to the ground to play. Most of the village pit teams are fielding ‘imported’ players from the metropolises of Newcastle, Sunderland, Middlesbrough. Bobby Robson’s Langley Park can’t raise a team whether by foot, bicycle, car or jet…and are now defunct.

These proud village teams would rather have good or even reasonable import players from the city than have their pit-village name lost to the League. WE want the best that’s out there and WE who not want nearly so much something grown organically.

Nothing stands alone erect proud like it may once have done. Not even the winding-house at the pit entrance.