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Derby on the moon …by Stuart Roy Clarke

I had attended the police briefing – this was a category C match: high risk of disorder. A ‘derby’ of the highest order. The disorder turned out to be on the pitch – who could have predicted a 5-0 home win beteen Derby County and Nottingham Forest with both teams riding high in potential promotion places?! For Derby fans it was dreamlike. I photographed amongst them and all around arms and fists and 1 2 3 4 FIVE finger salutes, smiles, tears of joy. The Nottingham fans rallied at 0-3 and sung their own hearts out …until further goals came crashing in on their Forest.

In the evening, in Derby city center, I attended a talk about the journeys to the Moon by everyone who has ever made them. The speaker was meticulous, going through every attempt and backing up all he said with slides – he even had a huge moon-globe sat beside him, signed by men who had walked on it. We heard more than just about the Apollo this and that – Russians and more; however it was at about Apollo ’11’ when from outside the auditorium there came a veritable din – a chorus – a disorder, breaking through the wall, upstaging Armstrong. Upsetting the space programme. It was “Bill-y Day-vees…you’re getting sacked in the morning”.
Derby County fans were spot on – but for a day. In fact the Forest (and their former) manager was sacked on the Monday.

But the match will now forever be connected in my mind with mans first steps on the Moon.