The football was lost

The fog has lifted on this country this week, with a roadmap released on what we can expect in the coming months as we come out of Pandemic Lockdown. We in England ballsed up prevention but have scored with vaccination.

One of the things we might expect – though it is a rumour – is the entire Euro2020 tournament will come to England instead of being staged around 12 cities of Europe as was originally planned. Folk are putting their English cities up for grabs, getting all excited, football’s coming home and all that, but folk are wasting their breathe as it will all be in London to avoid unnecessary travel and the like. The timing is June-into-July when restrictions have barely been lifted. Entrance to the 51 matches will be with a vaccine passport and the attendances will be knocked well down from capacity, so the biggest stadia in the country are not needed. It will all be televised anyway. Something we have got used to – all the Premier League matches. 12 London stadiums will be chosen, replacing the 12 European cities – one of them anyway was to be Wembley.The likely ones are Arsenal Spurs WestHam Charlton Millwall CrystalPalace Chelsea Fulham Brentford QPR Watford…plus Wembley.

Changing tact to the domestic season, our meat and veg, our reason for existing – much of it has been scrapped. The unluckiest team for the 2nd season must be the Jersey Bulls, from Jersey, newly formed and victorious in all 36 games they have played. To no avail. No promotion possible. 

We are left with the top 5 divisions of mens football in England – representing a fraction of the 7000 clubs which exist. In Scotland there are two divisions left. In Wales and N.Ireland one only.

From the end of March, in England, football at the lowest level – park football and Sunday League football – will be allowed to return.