The football is found again

There was a real fear, from one year ago, with Lockdown, and Pandemic mostly, that UK football, our shining light, would somehow go down-the-drain. I would hence be crying on the shoulder of John “where did it go wrong?” And leaving for the USA never to return heartbroken.

Whilst UK and particularly English society seems happiest when doing the hokey-cokey, doing the conga, misbehaving…and accepting an idiot in government for most of the time and for the rest of the time government leaving us to our own devices – KEEPING THE NATIONAL DIALOGUE GOING, through football, is of paramount importance.

So, a year on, we appear to have lost but one club of 10,000 because they’ve gone bust (plus Dover Athletic resigning from their League). Clubs and their supporters are used to dealing with hardship, dodgy owners who they probably welcomed at first. They are used to rattling-the-tin, forming pressure groups and trusts. And using twitter now to raise the alarm most quickly. This is throughout the kingdom: England, Scotland, N.Ireland and Wales.

Do not go gentle into that good night said Dylan; the clubs are rarely gentle and rarely alone now in this complex cosmopolitan arcadia of football association.